A tale of a flawless Bride

Posted at Oct 01, 2016 | In Bridal | By Indre | No comments
Imagine Makeup Hair 9

Many girls have this one big dream in their life.  About sunny morning with all close family and friends, filled with good emotions and happy tears. That morning when nervous rush takes over when you see finishing touches put on tables, flowers and other many things that make it all come to one perfect picture.

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54th Midwest Emmy awards

Posted at Oct 01, 2015 | In Events | By Indre | No comments

I was so very honered to be part this wonderfull event that was held in Chicago. It was probably one of the bigger closeup to celebrity life. And yes, i was in the middle of all that- Emmy awards! Honored to meet and touch faces of people i used to see on TV even when

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