A tale of a flawless Bride

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Many girls have this one big dream in their life.  About sunny morning with all close family and friends, filled with good emotions and happy tears. That morning when nervous rush takes over when you see finishing touches put on tables, flowers and other many things that make it all come to one perfect picture. And yes, that day is your dream come true Wedding day!

All these months of planning are finally coming to blissful culmination. But one thing you just did not consider as important as your wedding bouquet or dress is your face! Not with all this jitters coming out of you are doing your best to put eyeliner and try not stab yourself in the eye.  Nothing looks right or straight and all off the sudden these unsightly stress pimples popped out on your forehead that none of your concealer is capable to hide. And that’s when you reach braking point and start to cry out of desperation and frustration just to come to surprise that your mascara is not waterproof!

After all this is not a horror story of a Bride but a beautiful  tale and a moral is plain and simple – don’t skimp on your face  hire professional makeup artist. You invest so much into this fairy tale and skip on very  important detail – that face and those eyes that your groom will look at and say his i dos.

6 reasons why:

1. You are going to be very nervous no matter how good you will try to convince yourself your are not. And that will translate to shaky hands.

2. You will not get enough sleep prior and that will show its ugly color under your eyes . Most likely none of you concealer is heavy duty to hide that.

3. All these stressful days leading to wedding will make you breakout like a teenager and no amount of  Windex will wipe that off your face.

4. Cost will not break your bank. If you purchase all professional makeup that will be used on you day of your wedding you most likely spend close to five times that amount if you will go and purchase makeup yourself. And that cost does not include years and years of experience.

5. Good news most if not all makeup artists come to you so it does save you time and most important  their wedding makeup kits include all waterproof  and tear resistant makeup.

6. And i can 100% promise you that your photographer will be very happy to take pictures off your flawless presence that will need no to little digital enhancement.

Give yourself a piece of mind and  look like you have been touched by an angel from above!  Just like you choose your flowers, dress, venue etc., choose the right glam team for you and take full advantage of enjoying that special day!

After all , all eyes will be on you.

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