54th Midwest Emmy awards

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I was so very honered to be part this wonderfull event that was held in Chicago. It was probably one of the bigger closeup to celebrity life. And yes, i was in the middle of all that- Emmy awards!

Honored to meet and touch faces of people i used to see on TV even when i was little girl and never dreamed of meeting.

It was just a biggest honor to shadow evening event’s host, reality TV beginner himself – Jerry Springer (I know what you might think! Ha ha but have you ever met this guy! What a delight )
Great group of people and wonderful evening to remember at Alhambra palace in Chicago.

I just want to tell everyone that will come across this short monologue that it is worth dreaming big because it just might happen! Because now i am one step closer to making Oscars prettier than they already are.


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